LEAKwise Electronic Pool & Spa Leak Detection

LEAKwise are specialists in Pool Leak Detection on the Sunshine Coast. We are also professionals in Electronic Leak Detection of Spa’s & Water Features. We use only the best quality USA & Japanese Made equipment specifically designed for Electronic Pool Leak Detection. Our equipment is non-intrusive to yourself or your surrounds, with little to no disruption.

Whether you’re the proud owner of your own pool, property manager, pool builder or contractor on the Sunshine Coast, LEAKwise offers its professional Electronic Pool Leak Detection services to save you costly time and money.

Combined with using quality specialist equipment, our extensive and long-term experience with detecting pool leaks ensures that we will reliably locate the problem and find a solution to your pool leak. We can locate the problem even if the leak is underground or underwater, and then make a recommendation on pool leak repairs and a full pressure test.

We service all areas on the Sunshine Coast including Coolum, Peregian Beach & Peregian Springs, Noosa, Maroochydore, Kawana, Caloundra and everywhere in between.

How Do I know if my Pool is Leaking?

As pools and spa’s age there are a number of things that can cause them to leak. The sealants can deteriorate, leaks can appear in any of the plumbing fittings and accessories, cracks may occur in the pipes or even in the shell of the pool itself if it shifts or settles.

If you find you’re routinely adding 50mm or more of water a week, or notice a regular substantial drop in water level, you could have a leak or multiple leaks.

All pools & spa’s will naturally lose water to evaporation or to water splashing out. So how do I know if my pools leaking or not? One DIY pool leak test you can do is the Bucket Test.

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How to do the Bucket Test

  1. Ensure the pool is filled to its normal level.
  2. Grab a good watertight bucket and fill it with your pool water so it is just a few centimeters from the top.
  3. Set the bucket on the top step of your pool so the top half of the bucket is out of the pool.
  4. Turn off the pool pump.
  5. Mark the level of the bucket water on the inside of the bucket.
  6. Mark the level of the pool water on the outside of the bucket.
  7. Turn the pool pump back on so it will continue normal operation.
  8. After 24hrs, turn off the pool pump and recheck the water levels of both and compare the two.

If both water levels have dropped equally, this is just evaporation. If the pool water has dropped more than the bucket, this could mean you have a leak somewhere in your pool.

The evaporation rate for each day is different, so the amount of water lost to evaporation can vary if you perform this test multiple times. You can check the evaporation rates for our area here.

Keep in mind though, if it rains within the 24hr test period, the DIY pool leak test will need to be re-performed.

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Areas We Service

Coolum, Peregian Beach, Peregian Springs, Noosa
Maroochydore, Kawana, Caloundra